1 Day in the Gem Mine – Looking for Crystals and Gems

Always in search of a fresh adventure, my children decided to search for a gem mine 2 hours away to look for crystals and gems. I wasn’t sure what you should expect, on the other hand was excited nonetheless.

I realized that mines can be employed in various ways. Some have prefilled buckets of dirt. Owners from the mine will require buckets with dirt raised from your mine and let you proceed through them searching for gemstones. Some owners will prefill the buckets with many crystals and gems to ensure that everyone reaches find something.

The mine that people visited worked a little differently which is what is known as a cost dig. A cost dig occurs when you spend a set fee of income which enable it to get hold of that which you find. Think whether it like leasing the land to mine for gems to get a given period of time, in cases like this, each day.

Whenever we got there, we earned our personal five gallon buckets, as instructed online. We met the owners on the main office and paid a set fee for each person. This entitled us to some bucket’s importance of everything we found and planned to acquire.

We descended the hill toward the primary digging areas. The folks who owned the mine brings up dirt from underground, then spread against each other within the digging areas employing a bulldozer for people to proceed through.

Using hand tools and shovels, most of us got down and dirty and commenced looking for crystals and gems amongst the dirt. Without having experience in geology, I became worried we would discard something valuable. Not to worry though, mindful about were always friendly people around suggest and us from throwing back anything worth keeping.

As a way to boost your experience before going to the mine, use guide books to understand kind of minerals are generally found in the area you are visiting.

Also, bring an industry guide with you when you attend the mine. Gemstones of their natural form look quite diverse from the polished or cut versions many people are acquainted with.

To help find the smaller gems one of the dirt, most mines will have a sluice. This is usually a wooden channel with flowing water. You take a scoop of dirt make it in the sieve, then place it in the flowing water. The water will wash away the smaller items of dirt and clay, abandoning rocks that you should pick through.

Take care, though, that smaller crystals with potential value do not get washed away, if you are being unsure if something you have will be worth keeping, always ask someone. We wound up finding several nice crystals and gems on that day with the mine, therefore could you!

Mike is a rookie rockhounder who is aiming to the world of crystal and gem collecting. Issues always wanted to learn more about collecting gemstones, follow together with Mike’s blog and learn more about how to construct your own personal collection.

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