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At Hong Kong Disneyland, you’ll leave the field of today and enter magical worlds of imagination and adventure where enchanting stories and timeless places literally come to life right before your eyes. Here, fantasy becomes real and reality becomes fantastic. You will discover medieval castles and futuristic mountains, encounter jungle elephants and elephants that fly, hear snakes that hiss and bears that talk, and ride both old-time fire engines and space-age rockets. And, of course, you can actually meet all of your favorite Disney characters: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Cinderella, Aladdin, Buzz Lightyear, Mulan and others. Hong Kong Disneyland is modeled as soon as the original Disneyland in California. It will likewise feature among the best design elements using their company Disney parks around the globe, such as Magic Kingdom at Disney world in Florida, U.S.A., Tokyo Disneyland in Japan and Disneyland Paris in France. It’s wise a familiar yet entirely fresh Disney experience. Hong Kong Disneyland is split into four lands, each transporting one to another place and time. Then you’re able to continue your magical journey at two uniquely themed resort hotels.

Hong Kong Disneyland could be the fifth Disneyland-styled amusement park in the world, the eleventh Disney park ever built and also the first to recreate most of the exact types of the main Disneyland in California including its Sleeping Beauty Castle. Guests visiting Hong Kong Disneyland leaves the field of today and enter a fairytale kingdom that celebrates the spirit of fantasy, the field of tomorrow as well as a a feeling of adventure.

Combined with the classic Disney stories and attractions, Hong Kong Disneyland contains the distinction of featuring original attractions designed specifically for Hong Kong, and also entertainment and parades that may celebrate local culture.

Main Street U.S.A.: Guests will first enter Hong Kong Disneyland through Main Street, U.S.A., designed after quintessential small town America and evoking a moment elapsed once the gas lamps was giving method to electricity and “horseless carriage” was the most recent novelty. Its nostalgic design might help transport guests from the real-world in a “magic kingdom” where they’re able to then take off for several unique lands.

Fantasyland: Sleeping Beauty’s Castle will be the gateway to Fantasyland. Here the guests will see a magical place where their best Disney stories come to life; they can fly to Neverland with Peter Pan, please take a spin in the teacup, or meet lots of the beloved Disney characters like Winnie the Pooh, Bright white as well as the head mouse himself, Donald duck.

Adventureland: In Adventureland, guests begins a trip into the exotic aspects of the Asian and African jungles. Adventureland will also showcase many of the most spectacular trees and vegetation ever assembled area. Here guests may take a daring ride with a jungle river cruise, and explore a number of other attractions such as a whole island dedicated to the “King in the Jungle.” Adventureland may also include among the largest, in-door theaters on the globe that will be home to a vintage Disney live-entertainment show.

Tomorrowland: Tomorrowland might be a world full of science fiction and soaring space adventures. Going for a completely new method of Tomorrowland that will be different from another Disney theme park, Disney Imagineers are creating and whole land that becomes an Intergalactic Spaceport – every restaurant, shop and attraction will be full of robots, rocket ships and floating planets. Guests is going to be treated towards the warp-speed adventure of “Space Mountain,” in addition to fly their own flying saucer from the attraction “Orbitron.”

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