The Magical Handshake ~ Perhaps you have Tried It? By Faith Faith BBE, CTM, NE

We all know the value of a great first impression. In only seconds of a meeting, people attain an array of information regarding us. They notice our face, hair, clothing, body size, posture, demeanor and the sound of our voice. It’s a crucial time because there is no second opportunity to make a good first impression.

This happens … the handshake.

I once took a communications class in a nearby church. The trainer had 30+ attendees line up single file. The instructions could look him in the eye and shake his hand. I used to be confident I knew how you can properly shake hands.

After the last person shook the instructor’s hand, he asked, “Tell me that which you thought about my handshake. Was it a good handshake or even a bad handshake?” I liked his handshake. It absolutely was a strong grip like mine. His handshake confirmed to me I knew the best way to shake hands. I said, exactly, “good handshake.”

The real key said something that completely involved aback.

He was quoted saying the reason why everybody liked his handshake was simple. He mirrored ours. When the handshake was firm, his was firm. If it was a light touch, his would be a light touch. Should they used their opposite to know his, his contrary grasped theirs. He stated this handshake technique creates an instantaneous good impression and likeability.


Yes. It’s similar to how we feel when we meet a complete stranger and discover we share exactly the same name. Or much more conversation having a stranger, we learn we share a mutual friend. We magically like this person. This is why I call it the Magical Handshake.

From this level on, It is advisable to never, ever, shake another person’s hand. Instead, allow them to shake yours. Mirror their business. If you’re offered a strong grip, mirror a strong grip. If you’re offered a gentle grip, mirror a gentle grip. Make sure to mirror the shake too. It’s all about the grip and shake.

The only exception happens when someone provides you with a handshake making use of their palm facing down. When you shake hands, they have the upper-hand and therefore are in charge. They dominate. This is known as a hostile handshake.

When offered a hostile handshake, respond giving them a Double-Handed handshake having a wee turn. Start with your palms slightly upwards, grasping their hand with you have. Then, straighten their handshake vertically having a wee turn as you’re shaking. This communicates for them, “we are equal.”

Next time you need to make a good first impression, give the Magical Handshake a try. Get it done whenever you park and fly people. It’s an easy, surefire method to enhance your likeability factor.

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