Is it worth buying unlimited hosting for your website?

A lot of the big serves like godaddy, hostgator, bluehost, siteground, etc offers Unlimited hosting plans for shared web hosting users. Have you ever thought do you really need it? How much your website really need disk space and bandwidth?
Most of these serves changes from $4 to $8 monthly for unlimited hosting plans. Maybe you have thought can it be paying this charges. I’d say “NO” if you aren’t using 20 GB of disk space or using 500GB bandwidth. Its not all sites demand it. Almost 80% percent of sites are small informative websites built using blogging services consumes 1 to GB space.
If you are a small entrepreneur or having business and you’ve got a little website of 20 to 50 pages, using 10 to 20 email id’s and having few countless daily visitors, you undoubtedly don’t need these unlimited hosting plans for your small website.
There are numerous medium and small size of hosting companies offering small hosting plans like 1GB to 10 GB safe-keeping for small websites. The costs of those packages are about $10 to $40 per year in order to say from less than $1 to $3 a month.

Yes needless to say, since these organizations are medium and small size company you might be doubt about their support and reliability that’s obvious. But it’s not like that. These types of companies have dedicated support staff and they are reliable succeed in hosting industry. Even they offer more personalised support which big companies don’t do.
They are more careful and friendly using their clients given that they need to manage only few a huge selection of clients in order that they maintain good relationships with them and they never want to lose them.
So, in summary it usually is right choice to opt for small companies for small hosting plans for your small website rather than wasting big bucks on unlimited hosting plans.
HostPlax offers small hosting plans at under $1/ each month for small website on cloud platform where performance and reliability is guaranteed.

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