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Why has the affiliate couponing industry abandoned the actual store industry? In case you dig deeper into any affiliate coupon program (, you will notice that there are hardly any or no coupons intended for convenience stores. It looks like there exists a disconnect involving the coupon affiliates as well as the convenience store industry. In case you consider how much money are at stake it doesn’t make sense at all. $1 from every $24 dollars is put in this country inside a convenience store. Exactly why has got the coupon affiliates abandoned this channel?

I do think one of many problems may be the amount of grocery stores. There are 154,195 supermarkets within the U.S. since December, 2015 (NACS/Nielsen) and also the site counts carry on growing every year. Another possible problem will be the fragmentation of the profession. There are numerous regional players simply a small number of national players. Additional problems is just about the speed from the transaction. Just about everyone has held it’s place in line in the grocery store and had that lady in front of us pulling a bunch of coupons away from her little pouch bag which simply decreases the transaction time at the register. Which is not good for the convenience store. The normal time it takes for somebody to penetrate and by helping cover their a purchase with a convenience store is 3 minutes and 33 seconds (NACS). However, together with the advance of the smartphone it becomes easier to use a coupon. Digital couponing is basically changing the way you spend less in the convenience store. The usage trend coming from all outlet coupons is obviously in a upward trajectory and yes it doesn’t appear to be it will decrease before i write again. Grocery chains be the cause of 34.2% of shops in the us (NACS). There is no other U.S. retail channel that is certainly this important portion of practically every community in the united kingdom and that is reflected within the overall dollar sales of the profession at $696.1 billion. Those sales represent about 4.1% of the entire estimated $17.7 trillion U.S. gross domestic product.

I do think there is a marriage of sorts going on with convenience store coupons as well as the smartphone. It’s estimated that over 5% of sales transactions inside the store will include searching for coupon of some sort or other from the year 2019 ( It’s predicted that there is going to be around 1.05 billion global mobile coupon users in the world by 2019. With all the simplicity the GPS location features on smartphones and push technology convalescing everyday it is no surprise why store coupon usage on the smartphone is booming. Digital coupon redemption is roughly 10% at this time. While the old fashioned print or paper coupons have a redemption rate of 1% or less. 90% of digital coupon users redeem their coupons within just a couple of days of receiving them on the phones. You might feel that the redemption speed will simply increase for your convenience customer and redeem them sooner.

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