Keeping Track of Calories

Lots of people ask me about hidden calories…Exactly what are they? What foods contain them? Well, they are not as the name implies, they aren’t really hidden, but they may be hard to locate unless you understand what you would like. The very fact of the matter is always that lots of people can be mislead by bad advice and clever product marketing however if you follow these easy tips it is possible to identify which foods commonly contain these so named ‘hidden calories’.

Fresh is most beneficial. Buy as much fresh foods since you can. Each time a meals is fresh you know it is as close to its natural state as possible. It’s when things become processed that they can become havens for hidden calories. This is where they have sugar, fat and salt included with them.

Drink water. I see lots of people these days drinking Sports drinks using lunch instead of a pop. Sports drinks contain the maximum amount of sugar like a can of sentimental drink! Sports drinks are created to be consumed during exercise. They’ve got sugar for energy and electrolyte minerals such as potassium and sodium (salt) to hold the muscles working at peak performance. They may not be created to be consumed at lunch.

“Energy” drinks are worse. Per ml they contain more sugar when compared to a can of sentimental drink. Marketers talk up a listing of ingredients which contribute to the power rush that the energy drink gives you- an uncommon berry from Peru, ancient herbs, taurine (which mind you is truly a mild sedative put into these drinks to help you “take the sting off” them). The fact remains these drinks are loaded with caffeine and sugar-this is the place the power hit comes from.

Avoid eating an excessive amount of dairy foods. More of the world’s population is intolerant to lactose (milk sugar) than not. Signs and symptoms of this intolerance range between bloating and stomach cramps to nausea and diarrhea. Besides this, many dairy products have a large amount of fat. Cheese, full cream milk, cream and yoghurt can all be full of fat. Again, see the label to see. Many “low fat” dairy products have a lot of sugar put into them to grow their taste. Avoid foods that contain excessive dairy also for example creamy pasta sauces, cakes and pastries like bagels and croissants.

Limit your consumption of eliminate foods. Some take away foods are obvious. Fatty burgers, fries, battered fish, deep-fried foods are typical pretty obviously high in fat. Some however, aren’t really easy to identify. Some eliminate Asian noodle dishes plus some Indian foods by way of example may have more than 50 grams of fat per serve. Be cautious when ordering a sandwich at the same time. Should your sandwich has meat within it, for instance meatballs or chicken fillets having a flavor coating you will add 25-40 grams of fat. Then in the event you put in a creamy sauce like mayonnaise you can contribute an additional 10-20 grams immediately! What began as being a leaner option to a burger and fries for supper could end up having nearly twice fat!

Remember, you are in control of what switches into your system. The very next time you’re in the supermarket or eating at restaurants, apply these pointers and shine the light on so named hidden calories.

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