Friendly FunPaw Tips for a Worry-Free Thanksgiving

Feeling anxious about leaving your furry pal alone at home through the holiday?
No worries! Below are a few helpful pointers and reminders that you should consider about FunPaw’s Automatic Pet Feeder to make sure a gratifying Thanksgiving both for both you and your pet.

Feed your dog everywhere.
If you are spending the vacation a few blocks down over at Grandma’s or hopping over a plane to your parents’, distance should not be a element in completely separating you from your best friend.
With all the FunPaw Automatic Pet Feeder, it is possible to hook up to its app together with your cell phone and instantly dispense your pet’s food while you’re riding an airplane, shopping for groceries, or baking that turkey in the other part from the globe. If you are busy entertaining guests because the host with this holiday, set a plan for automatic food dispensing with a simple tap of the finger.
Take control of your pet’s food portions.
Although Thanksgiving Day entails the right occasion for binge eating, it does not need to mean exactly the same for the pet.
The FunPaw app gives you the benefit to control portion size for healthy eating habits. If your holiday involves you being away from home for starters day and a complete weekend, the pet feeder can store up to 13 lbs. of dry food, to ensure that way your canines or felines can stay well-nourished with the appropriate amount of food with an extended period of time. For those who have several furry friend at home, easily adjust the portion quantity you would like to distribute to the feeding tray that carries the utmost of roughly 2.5 cups. If anyone is eating smart this Thanksgiving, it’ll definitely be your fur pal.
Capture and share the memories.
One of the leading highlights to a Thanksgiving holiday-besides the copious amounts of great food-is the product quality bonding moment distributed to relatives and buddies. FunPaw firmly believes why these moments should definitely be distributed to your beloved pets.
Featuring a built-in camera and microphone, the automatic pet feeder grants the gift of two-way communication to shut the length between both you and your pal in this warm holidays. While you’re monitoring your pet’s status, your dog may be comforted by playing its favorite human’s voice with the mic.
Install batteries as your back-up plan.
You cant ever be too prepared when it comes to the product quality care for your dog. As the adapter of the Funpaw Automatic Pet Feeder stays connected, enhance your security measures by such as a pair of 8 AA batteries inside its battery compartment to maintain it and running in case of sudden blackouts at home. The batteries allows up to 3 hours of activity without its connected power source which means that your pet won’t be skipping mealtimes.
FunPaw wishes both you and your pets a bountiful and fun Thanksgiving!
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