How to Start Teaching Colors to Toddlers

In teaching everything to young kids, repetition is the vital thing! Learn Colors is just about the first concepts that toddlers are prepared for learning. The simplest way to introduce concepts like colors to toddlers is to continuously talk to your child about colors. This would work with teaching your little one to speak. In place of simply saying, “Look for the puppy,” use phrases like, “Look in the brown puppy”, “See the brown puppy?” etc.

When I first start teaching toddlers colors, I prefer to begin simply. I most certainly will give my toddler a red crayon along with a white sheet of foolscap. Enable your toddler to freely scribble within the paper. Because they’re coloring, reinforce the truth that their crayon is red by saying, “That is a red picture,” “Are you by using a red crayon?” “This is red” or “See your red picture?” You can also get a printable picture of an object which is red such as an apple, and also have your baby color that picture by offering them a red crayon. Another simple craft project that you can use to educate your child colors is always to simply eliminate circles from red construction paper and help your kids glue these phones a piece of paper.

An additional way to teach colors to toddlers is usually to make a recognition page that one could show and mention along with your toddler. You can do this in two ways. One of the ways is always to put pictures of red objects together over a document on your computer and print it. Yet another way would be to collect red pictures at a magazine, etc. and glue those to a paper. However, with in either case you want to create a recognition page, make sure that the wonderful pictures you use are 99% red. It can be okay to get another colors on the picture like a brown stem on the red apple. But, you dont want to confuse your youngster by mixing different colors as part of your picture. To utilize the page simply sit your child down and talk with them concerning the red items that take the paper. Use phrases like, “See the red apple,” “The apple is red” or “See the red picture.”

Also you can use activities and games to instruct toddlers their colors. A fantastic activity to show the color red is always to create an orchard of red apples. Do this by reducing apple shapes from red construction paper and laminate them. Place a small section of Velcro within the back and put them using a bulletin board. Hold the toddler “pick” the apples and put them into a red box or create. Reinforce to your child likely picking Red Apples” because child will the activity. As being the child grows and learns more of their colors, you may blend yellow and green apples too. Employ a red create, a yellow create and a green create and also have the child put the corresponding apples into their color create.

By repetition and reinforcing what the child is learning by talking to them, your son or daughter can certainly learn their colors so that you can prepare them for their future in education.

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