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Most students assume that they can do not need to write the IELTS exam before you go to study in Canada. As it may not be a stipulated requirement by some universities or colleges, there are several explanations why get yourself ready for this exam and passing it’s going to assist you to.

• English Proficiency can be an absolute must if you need to excel at the studies in Canada. Unless you are an O or possibly a Level student or have studied within an English medium university, you don’t have the competency required to match the admission requirements in Canada or some other English speaking country.

• English vocabulary skills can always be tested. Without having IELTS or TOEFL some universities or colleges will try out your English proficiency upon arrival on the institution. By way of example NAIT, in Edmonton, Alberta does not need IELTS or TOEFL. But they will test you upon arrival. In case you fail their tests you’ll be forced to take their English language program before entering your required program. Which means that your study period in Canada will be prolonged you’ll also find to shell out more funds to cover the price tag on these English language classes. That is time and cash you may have saved should you have taken an IELTS exam preparation course and passed your exam which has a 6.5 or 7 Band.

• Way with words-at all Improvement: The writing proficiency level for academic studies in Canada is incredibly high. Most students, even when they may be O Level or attend an English medium university inside their home country don’t have the necessary academic ability as a copywriter which can be the expectation at the Canadian university or college. So that you should be expecting to accomplish poorly inside your term papers and/or thesis. Regardless of whether think you may get away without requiring writing the IELTS exam, you must take aExam Preparation course and discover creating based on academic expectations in a English speaking country.

• Lower your expenses and time: For your IELTS centre in Karachi prior to going to analyze in Canada and if you’re posting test; you will put away both time and expense before heading abroad. English language classes there’ll be at least 1 semester (4 months) and value you in Canadian dollars.

• Increase your listening skills: Particularly if please take a preparation course from a native English speaker, you will have trained your ears to comprehend the velocity of which a native English speaker speaks. An individual will be in Canada, you will recognize that English speakers speak very fast and you’ll n’t understand what they’re saying. You are able to miss 50 % of your lecture that way.

• Canadian permanent residency requirement: Even though university might not require IELTS, the Canadian government does. In case you have finished a Canadian college and so are obtaining residency, you will still have to write this exam in Canada.

No, you do not HAVE to write the exam, but when you take into account the above good things about writing test at home country, you might like to reconsider and as well as writing the test, you will need to take an IELTS Exam Preparation Course.
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