Swimming over the water would have been a beautiful creature, the top part of the creature would have been a woman with white hair and blues eyes. She wore beautiful pearl and gold jewels in her hair, her ears were slightly pointed only visible once you looked closer, she wore a jeweled gold and a white top which slightly revealed her abdomen, before it changed into a gold and pink shimmering tail.
She was Ava, a water maiden. Her kind was known on land like a kangen water ionizers. Once from the water, the tail vanished leaving a couple of legs. She loved and lived in the waters, loving the two land and waters that protected her area from ferocity. She’d love for all living things like animals and plants. She was the level of woman who’d risk something to do what’s right. She was the kangen water ionizers of the ocean who had been strong, loyal, kind, brave and more. This was what made her people respect and adore her. She would sometimes leave australia to travel out wanting to provide health to folks of the East and beyond. She loved everything on earth towards the smallest plant.
One day, this beautiful woman seemed unhappy and sad. Being a queen in addition to being an admirer of health, she cannot accept watching the inhabitants of the earth have problems with all sorts of illnesses, that they themselves caused, because of their contaminating and unclean activities which have rendered the whole waters unclean and poisonous. All they needed ended up being use a drink in the true Kangen Water jewel, the original and native supply of pure and excellent health that was solely designed to restore man back to life. It had been pure, alkaline and ionized water that may just be from the Kangen Jewel.

For this particular day, the ocean queen, was swimming nearby the shores of the ocean, while attempting to take pleasure in the fresh breeze that blew for the shores of her kingdom. However, she felt a vibration in the water; something was thrown to the water that sounded like a rock coupled with illuminated the whole earth featuring its golden and radiant light. She then swam toward it as it shined so bright rrt had been noticed from all of angles of the earth. When she arrived, no person was there aside from a bright, shining and sparkling jewel. It had been very beautiful and attractive and it was floating for the water. It had been the Kangen Jewel. She then called out if anyone was in charge of throwing it within, but no response. It became clear to her it fell in the skies. She then took it and took a detailed consider it and then drank as a result. Suddenly, her skin started glowing as bright as the sun and her eyes twinkled just like the surface of the stars. She might fly coupled with a chance to heal all living things. It had been just what the hopeless and sick habitat of the earth necessary for to restore their own health and well-being. The queen got so happy and excited as she had great affection for your habitat of the lands and the way she hoped to 1 day restore them back to full health as they sipped in the purest waters from the Kangen Jewel. Immediately, she felt a great and true sense of wellness and health all over her body and a smile grew her face before she submerged. Flicking her tail you’d like she could, she shot over the water with all the speed of lightning. Upon spotting her kingdom, she even swam faster and then she passed a few people so quickly that they barely saw her. She was in a rush to inform it towards the whole kingdom. The moment she arrived, she declared an urgent gathering of the whole kingdom high she exclaimed everything about the Kangen Jewel contributing to the actual way it could restore perfect health to all or any of them in the kingdom. They truly felt the vitality transformation immediately once drank as a result. She knew how important and lifesaving it could be towards the habitat on land and as such, flew fast for the tides of life to give out in good working order water to heal the sick and restore a state of perfect and true health to all or any individuals.
As she arrived the land, all inhabitants were sick, unhealthy and dying. These folks were now attracted toward the bright light coupled with gathered round the ocean. She then flew around as she healed and restored life for many years. Once they stood a sip in the great Kangen Jewel, individuals immediately became full of life with radiant energy causing them to be vibrant and excited. Another people, have been travelling on boats and ships, stopped by in order to furthermore have a sip of life in the Kangen Jewel as they all got attracted to the radiating light from the queen. The queen restored life and health to as many folks as she could that came searching for life from her newfound jewel. She am happy to have restored perfect health towards the sick and unhealthy in the lands all over her kingdom. She was now named the Golden Jewel Mermaid Queen who had been loved, cherished and adored by each of the creatures on land and in the ocean. She’d now been the cause of life and exceptional joy to all or any individuals of the earth. They now adored and praised her and adorned her with gifts. Her name was now heard throughout each of the aspects of planet earth therefore many inhabitants travelled from near and far ahead check out this Queen also to obtain the ultimate health that they had long wished for. To everyone the creatures in the sea, she was their supply of life also to those found on land, their supply of healing and indescribable perfect health transformation.
Later on that day, it absolutely was dark along with the queen choose to go to bed with all the Kangen jewel laying beside her as she slept. She heard a solid in addition to being she opened her eyes, she saw the Kangen jewel floating up because it glittered at nighttime. She suddenly woke up and walked toward it so that they can get it, nonetheless it kept moving further and further faraway from her. She then tried moving faster, but she cannot get it. She then began to fly in order to fly faster so she could grab it, but with no success. She went after it, swimming you’d like she could. Finally, the jewel had lead her returning to the shore where she saw a male lying hopelessly sick for the sand on their own. She immediately ran up to him holding the Kangen Jewel on one side along with the side of her gown alternatively because of the ocean breeze. When she finally reached him, she then lifted his head up in the sand, supporting it on her chest, as the young handsome man was dying. He needed a simple drink in the purest water in the Kangen Jewel. He been ingesting the poisonous water and necessary to drink in the content of the Kangen Jewel in order to bring him back to life. She then gave him a sip in the pure and healthy water in the Kangen Jewel.

As soon because he drank the river, he immediately became full of life, his eyes were now clearly opened, his skin changed from grey to pink with vibrance, and he now looked strong and full of life. He looked the Queen straight in her eyes while she still held him in her arms.
“Hello” she whispered within a smooth tone.
“Who are you? Along with what excuses have you employed if you ask me?” As they slowly sat up looking surprised at his healthy condition.
“I am Ava, the Queen of the waters along with the Goddess of health. I give true and excellent health towards the sick and unhealthy inhabitants on earth, who had been poisoned through the unclean and toxic waters. I offer them a chance to feel this perfect health by drinking in the Kangen Jewel also to experience my health coaching which includes inevitably restored full health to numerous people of the earth.”
“Was I given a drink from it”? He stated, “Because I’m amazingly strong, filled with strength, perfect health and life again.”
“Yes, she replied. I gave you a drink after seeing your problem. You are dying. I will be thankful towards the Kangen jewel conducive me to you”. As she modestly blushed a lttle bit and then continued…
“Are you this region,” she asked?
“Yes. I will be Jack, in the capital of scotland- the East, I had created fallen sick and needed in good working order water. I had been advised by way of a stranger I encountered, ahead here and i would be healed and my full health would be restored”. He then turned and faced her, then continued…
“Now I think all you’ve got said to me and all If only for will be along with you, he stated. I would like to carry on and experience this sweet and pure drink, to get healthy also to thank you forever”.
“The jewel is a lot like nothing I’ve ever experienced before,” He stated because he took the jewel from her hands.
“I have wanted quite a while for something great, something which might make me happy and i also found nothing at all. I had created then consideration to myself, it’s time and energy to go out searching for love and quickly I ran across you, Ava!… The jewel lead you here and that means you could heal me of my sickness, on the other hand also believe me lead me here also to look at you, to meet you together with to fall fond of you.”
“You’re the prettiest creature I’ve ever seen”. He stated, because he leaned to kiss her.
She then smiled and began laughing…
“I always thought, this Kangen jewel had only restored complete wellness sense of wellness towards the habitat of earth, on the other hand now believe, in addition, it brought as well as it, Love”
He hugged her and then she then rested her head on his shoulder.
“I feel true feeling of wellness and wellness ultimately true love as me informs me so. I will be very intuitive and i also always tune in to me.” As she slightly tilted her head and focused her attention for the jewel.
He then said, “Be my wife, and I will require round the world to places where you haven’t have you been before. Deliver both hands. I will be providing you with my word and my promise that I will cherish you permanently and ever.” He then pulled him toward himself and kissed her forehead and a couple embraced within a wonderful and magical moment.
They laid there together till dawn and then woke up and both danced together, holding hands and smiling as they both travelled returning to the castle where they were given married and lived happily ever after, together.
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