Jamie Carey Fond Du Lac: The nurse from Agnesian Healthcare with no values

Recently on Shesahomrwrecker.com a submission about a Psychiatric nurse in Fond Du Lac was published regarding and infidelity incident. Jamie Carey that’s a licensed nurse and clinical supervisor of performance & excellence at Agnesian Healthcare’s St Agnes Hospital had reportedly lured multiple guys that are married or perhaps rapport into non-exclusive casual relationships and casual sex with her. Since the article was published, over 100 people have come forward to vote up the story, in recent months that’s definitely among the highest voted She’s A Homewrecker stories in Wisconsin.

Casual relationships with somebody who is already been with another man is just wrong, why you ask? This is because you can’t just breakup 2 different people in a romantic relationship for just a moment of warmth to fulfil your desires. Yes I agree, that relationships need 2 different people so yes whether or not the person is cheating about the significant other however this doesn’t give you any directly to lure that man into your life. If he is wrong you shouldn’t be. In the interests of humankind you must do what’s right and lead the individual on top of the right pathway instead of accepting him and going in a casual fling with him. Commemorate her cheap and also the vacation relation just isn’t true love rather exactly the heat in the moment. They can also give you on the table. If you’re hurting someone so bad which they head for venting to strangers on the web it can’t be right? With lots of fishes in the sea staying away from after somebody who is taken?

But there is more. She’s a psychiatric nurse. Throughout the Nightingale Pledge, healthcare workers vow “I will not do just about anything evil or malicious”. This is because these workers are the beacon of hope for many. A kid which has a father about the deathbed, a sobbing mother together with his son in an accident, these people see the healthcare workers as a light after dark and dangerous life.

Especially mental healthcare workers need and check out to not harm anyone, as they cope with people whose mental wellbeing are at a decreased point and may know well enough that personal relationships is usually the source of many emotional breakdowns. Mental healthcare workers are to be regarded as heroines who display to the world any time dealing with someone in a vulnerable position, you do not cause pain and suffering to a new person along with your casual actions.These are backbone of our own society and so are a fundamental piece of our healthcare system, to blame for lives of several. If they were to embark on activities that hurt people as well as bring about someone’s mental wellbeing deteriorating, that’s totally wrong and unprofessional behaviour on the part. They should never be a reason for someone’s sadness as they have already been bestowed with the job of developing lives better. They are often the main reason of someone’s smile, someone’s hope and someone’s happiness. Why ruin this with malicious acts that does not only bring harm but in addition ruin your credibility, break families and make people so angry which they resort to the internet to vent things out.

This sad scenario just shows how little respect and values Nursing is wearing herself yet others wellbeing. Within my personal opinion, don’t even think she actually is fit to become a mental healthcare worker or perhaps a nurse especially when more and more people attended forward to prefer her story, it shows what number of relationships she’s broken and how lots of people she’s hurt.

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