Motu Patlu are killing zombies

Well, this is another great motu patlu game. “kill the zombies” is thriller game. Also this is the fantastic zombie killer game from nick India and motu and patlu both are players within this game and you’ve to manipulate them using your keyboard. It’s pretty easy game that i’m convinced that you will love playing mafia wars.

It is deemed an another flash game, in addition to being you realize games are incredibly very easy to play since you don’t have to put them to use. All you need is 1 pc with Macromedia flash installed.
How you can play this “kill the zombies” game? Motu Patlu Game Download
It’s pretty very easy to play in case you follow each of the instructions given below. Please read each of the instructions first to learn game efficiently.
First wait till to load the flash script.
• Select Level after continuing the overall game
• After selecting Levels you will definately get one screen with instructions.
Here motu patlu game download and play online. In the event you don’t discover how to download a flash game then don’t worry.
just adopt these measures to download motu patlu games from this level in .swf file:
Motu Patlu Game Download
First of all, let me tell you that it’s too very easy to play mafia wars. However if you simply still looking for a file i then can provide you with few instructions that how can you download mafia wars at no cost.
So let’s start:
1. Open firefox
2. Install a plugin called flash and video download
3. Visit my site’s website Motu patlu games then visit any game .
4. Finally click extension and obtain your .swf file.
To learn more see the best site:

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