Easy Ways to Make Your Webpages Look Great

You will make many decisions along the way when you design your webpages, and they will have far-reaching consequences with your audience and success. Your focus should be on making your site’s design stand out from the rest, pass on the right message to your visitors and at the same time be visually appealing. So how do you really go about this whole process? Let’s look into a few web design factors that you should be focusing on

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Isn’t it very obvious that you should take the content on your webpages through a basic spell check? You’d be surprised how many webmasters don’t care to do this, and end up having embarrassing typos right on their homepage! Even if you do not have a word processor, there are tons of free spell checkers online that are easy to find. Even if the smallest mistake or error creeps into your content, it won’t take time before your site is labeled as being “unprofessional”. So just bite the bullet and get it done because in the end it will help you.

Each of your webpages should consist of a header where you have the link that goes to your site’s homepage.

We recommend using the link text, Home, so people know immediately the purpose. People sometimes like going back to the homepage after they read something, so it matters for the home link to be on all site pages. Keep your link structure consistent on your site which means the home page link will always be in the same spot. You can place your logo in the top left area of the header and make that a clickable home page link.

Avoid going overboard with your design prowess to the detriment of properly displaying your content. A site that makes heavy use of Flash animation always makes us think the designer, or the webmaster, is just trying to impress people. If you have a lot of graphics and photos, then some Flash may be fine – but you should compress images so the site loads quickly.

Besides this, flash takes time to load and slows down your pages, which may not be very appealing to your visitors. You may have Flash movies, but then we would suggest you use a different video format, instead. But also keep in mind that not everybody has a fast and powerful computer.

As time goes on your site is going to get better and is going to be even more successful as you learn and improve things. The thing is that you need to begin with basic web design elements so that your site won’t lack anything. Web design is not really that complicated but people can quickly make it so. If you would like people to respond nicely to your website, convert from visitor to buyer and help you build your major brand, you need to make sure that your foundation is strong.
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