WATERFORD PSYCHOLOGY ANNOUNCES…Summer Assessment for Autism and Psychology Services. Acquire your Assessment prior to September

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IRELAND, July 7, 2016 – Ireland’s first dedicated nationwide psychology and counselling service, Waterford Psychology (www.waterfordpsychology.com), announces how to improve further in services: clinical psychology assessments, Autism Asperger counselling, family counselling, aftercare services and training to help in the attainment of goals.

Founder and Executive Director of Waterford Psychology, said, “ASD and Aspergers for Children and Adults are a large part of what perform, and we are always thrilled to discuss any part of the process or maybe allow you to voice your thinking by what you may need for you personally or maybe your child. Over 60% of our callers usually do not select an examination because after having a chat they realise it is not required” Schools do however need a comprehensive assessment to allocate services.

“Specialising in Adult Male/Female Aspergers diagnosis and intervention makes us conscious of our callers needs bit of along with a safe space to speak or listen.”

Waterford Psychology discusses the complete variety of relevant psychology career as well as other interventions to form plans for ongoing paths and goals. Waterford Psychology counselling is goal centric, therefore it doesn’t embark on forever but concentrates on the attainment of targets soon enough frames without anxiety or pressure as functions and priorities allow.

“We will continue to work along to help you get where you desire to be by designing and implementing an all-inclusive intervention plan with specific goals. You will find there’s broad range of interventions that may help you achieve needed way of life.” said the Founder.

Psychology & Counselling Ireland is the first truly local service for Autism Assessment and counselling services. “We perform assessments supply reports and liaise with intervention services to have the intervention you’ll need for Children or Adults at the reasonable price.
We provide an entire variety of clinical psychology assessments, Autism Aspergers counselling, family counselling, aftercare services and training that may help you reach your goals.”
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