Award-Winning Cannabis Delivery in San Francisco

Potbox, the award-winning, premium medical weed delivery club in San Francisco, today announced its first product expansion along with a new, on-demand delivery alternative for its San Francisco-based customers – both driven by customer demand.

The new Potbox offering, called Potbox: Joint Box, will feature six, all-flower, pre-rolled joints – two indica, two sativa, and a couple hybrid. Each joint is stuffed with a blend of two complementary strains of premium medical cannabis, ground, rolled and wax-sealed with the farm prior to delivery. The Potbox: Joint Box is available for $90, either as a monthly subscription or via Potbox’s new on-demand sf cannabis delivery service.

The modern on-demand delivery option enables patients in San Francisco to customize when and how often they need to receive their medicine, and makes Potbox’s premium medical cannabis more accessible to a larger client base. In addition, it enables people beyond Potbox’s normal delivery areas to get a single Potbox when they are around. Whether on-demand customers order the main Potbox (10 grams; $150.00) or the Joint Box (6 grams; $90.00), they’ll have the same premium medical cannabis as regular subscribers, delivered fresh in the farm, within 1 to 2 hours.

“Joint Box was inspired by feedback we received from our regular customers who, after experiencing Potbox, asked if there was an option to purchase only pre-rolled joints,
said Austin Heap, CEO of Potbox. ”
Many of our customers are working professionals, who comprehend the ease of having the capacity to take our premium medical cannabis using them out and about; or they’ve families and prefer the discretion that the pre-rolled joint affords. Awkward, were more than pleased to match our customers.

Heap continues,
Similarly, the on-demand service was highly requested by curious customers who wanted to try Potbox, but in addition from visiting out-of-towners who could not get deliveries inside their area. The newest on-demand option also suits our existing subscribers – several of whom were ordering two, three and even four Potbox subscriptions a month in order to fit their demands. Now that we’ve successfully launched our subscription offering, we’re thrilled to officially launch Potbox On-Demand in San fran.

Potbox takes all of the confusion, frustration and anxiety beyond buying medical cannabis. Working closely with local small-batch farms, the company’s cannabis experts select exactly the finest quality, most ethically- produced strains, curated to fulfill the patient’s desired experience, and delivers them fresh through the farm by trusted employees in the well-appointed Potbox. The corporation also enables visitors to obtain or renew their annual physician’s recommendation in real-time via HelloMD’s telehealth service at
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